Friday, May 10, 2013

Significant Collection Of The Philippine History (Throwback From The Past)



        As part of the Philippine history, we kept this “One Peso” bill way back from World War II. My brother brought this after attending a convention. Somehow, this antique bill reminds me on how our country historically undergo during this dark era of World War II. Commonwealth money bill consider as important in the Philippine history that serve as evidence of Emergency Note been printed during World War II by the Guerilla forces along the provinces and municipalities they defended. These bills were entirely created from any paper available at that time and somehow printed in unfavorable condition. As Philippines still under the Japanese colonize, anyone caught having this type of bill of notes will be facing public execution and humiliation. Though, it entails a dark history but still this little national treasure of ours must still be kept in perfect condition as part of the country’s history.

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