Friday, May 3, 2013

Signifying The Country Of Spain (España)

       As I'm employed on a certain small outsourcing company whose owner unknowingly my brother’s classmate way back before in their grade school years, this company supports me to deepen my knowledge about outsourcing system especially in the field of social media marketing and online writing. Our client at that time been based in Spain. As part of work, our managers got an invitation to went in Spain. When they came home, our managers bring us something or souvenirs from Spain and that was the Key holder bearing the symbol of Spain and the word "España".  Then, our managers shared all their experiences in Spain and a glimpse about their cultural heritage from food delicacies, tourist spots, and hotel amenities aside from our work. We also have some chance as a team to individually interact with our co-worker and clients outside the country. With that, this key holder became one of my collections that internationally represent country of Spain. This also served as my remembrance of my past work that I have in the field of online writing and social media marketing.

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