Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Place For Great Adventure And Fun


       From the previous month, my mom together without our neighbor went in Surigao as to spend a week of vacation. As they went back in our hometown, Whola! my mom gave me two souvenirs coming and representing the area of Surigao. Thanks to my mom! This place also known as "City of Island Adventure". She shared to me the adventure they have in this place and even recommends me some place to visit in the future. If anyone of you would like to visit this place, below are the highly recommended places to tour or visit upon. 

•    Silop Multi Caves, Barangay Silop, Surigao City

•    Sagisi Beach, Surigao City

•    Buenavista Cave, Surigao City

•    Basul Islands, Surigao City

•    Zaragoza Rock Formations, Surigao City

•    Sibale Beach, Barangay Zaragoza, Surigao City

•    Manjagao Mangrove Forest, Surigao City

•    Punta Baluarte, Barangay San Jose, Surigao City

•    Day-asan Floating Villages, Surigao City

•    Surigao Strait, Surigao City

•    Surigao City Cathedral, San Nicolas St. Surigao City

•    Zaragoza Tourist Park, Barangay Zaragoza

•    Tagbasingan Eco-Village, Barangay Mat-I, Surigao City

• Sto. Niño Shrine, Barangay Bad-asay currently named as Barangay Serna, Surigao City

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