Thursday, September 26, 2013

City Of Golden Friendship


One time as I stroll over the mall to witness some of special events in my home town, I was lead to a booth that sells various souvenirs of my home town Cagayan de oro city that also known as City Of Golden Friendship. Whola! , I buy one key holder that signify my place. If you haven't gone here yet in this place, well try to consider some of the suggested destination below and experience a great adventure that you can never forget.      
  •  Makahambus Cave and Adventure Park
  • Casa del Chino Ygua (Balay na Bato)-House of Stones
  • Kagay-an Resort (Lawndale Spring Resort)
  • Migtugsok Falls
  • Palalan Falls
  • Catanico Falls
  • Monigue Cave
  • Mapawa Nature Park
  • Plaza de Los Heroes
  • Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village 
  • Huluga Caves
  • Jatico Adventures - is one of the best tourist destination in Cagayan de oro city that totally equipped with high standard amenities and facilities.  
  • Big Swing
  • Zorb
  • 4-Course Zipline
  • Bungee Tramp
       Jatico Adventures serve as ideal venue for family holiday escapade and team building. What are you waiting for? Try now, this amazing adventure at Jatico Adventures!


  1. they are cute! i wish i could go to Cagayan de Oro someday.. :) i wanted to follow your blog but i can't find GFC anywhere :(

    kimmy paid you a visit!

    1. Hopefully, you can spend some holiday escapade in these places and have an incredible experience of adventure.

  2. oh..i've never been to these places everytime I visit
    your I know..thanks gurl

    1. Welcome...Then, it could a great opportunity for you to visit this incredible places here in cagayan de oro city especially when you plan to visit again in my city...^_^