Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Smaller Version Of Large Woven Tray (Bilao or Nigo)

    Traditionally, this large woven tray smaller version or widely known as "Bilao" or "Nigo" that I got here in my home mainly use in separating rice hull from the grains before placing into the rice container. Since, some of the rice "husked" are not milled well. Most Asian countries use this stuff in cleaning over their rice. Having this smaller version of "Bilao" or "Nigo" serve as a reminder of how my fellow countrymen and even those from the Asian countries use this handicraft stuff in cleaning over their rice that still been preserve way back from earlier century and until now.


  1. Very nice to see. I too have one in our house. Here it looks different and it is used for separating unwanted things from rice, grains etc..

    1. Ah ok..this one is a tiny version...maybe that what's make it different..

  2. We call it tampah. Here, the smaller version can be used to serve traditional cakes to guests.

  3. It looks interesting and sounds very interesting also!