Tuesday, November 18, 2014

About The Tiny Deer

Another collection that I got, this tiny deer key holder that been given by a certain friend of ours. This souvenir of mine came from Sweden. Actually, it’s a wedding souvenir from our friend’s closest friend as that friend of them got married to someone from that country. Since, our friend got lots of tiny deer souvenir in their home so this friend of ours shared this tiny souvenir to me. Time came that I also got a chance to meet in person their friend while attending an important gathering. Though, this tiny souvenir of mine didn’t anymore appear as what originally been given but still tried to preserved its good condition and saving the memories or stories that hold in this tiny deer.     


  1. this cute deer is a key holder?
    so cute! =)
    Diari Seorang Mama

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  2. syoknya... got souvenir from sweeden ;)

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  4. http://buatwanita.blogspot.com/2014/11/tutorial-cara-buang-verification-code.html

    1. yeah..i just updated my blog...thanks for sharing this...