Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Historical Treasure Of Egypt

This Egyptian souvenir reminds me the significant ancient historical contribution that it brings especially during the time of Joseph son of Jacob and Moses in the old testament. 

It's one best country to visit as to remember the ancient history that it brings especially to the religious views of Christianity (Roman Catholic), Judaism and Islam. 

Egypt is a spectacular destination of tourist. Its the home of ancient pharaohs where lots of temples, tombs, and palaces can be found. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of this country. 

Indeed, it would be a great adventure that awaits you in Egypt. Take your chance to visit these amazing places as listed:

1. Pyramids Of Giza
2. White Dessert
3. Aswan
4. Alexandria
5. Luxor's Karnal Temple And The Valley Of The Kings
6. Abu Simbel
7. Siwa Oasis
8. Egyptian Museum
9. St. Catherine Monastery
10. Islamic Cairo
11. South Sinai
12. Nile Cruising 
13. Abydos Temple

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