Thursday, August 15, 2013

Traditional Oil Lamps



         I'm glad that we got some historical oil lamps in our home that still well-preserved like the older times. Looking up these traditional oil lamps that we got somehow gave life to the histories that passes through especially during the biblical times with the glimpse on how they live their life before modern lights come along. These oil lamps became their main source of light during the night. Anyways, it's worthwhile of keeping this kind of historical heritage.


  1. Thank you very much for your visit, Cutella. I remember my parents having kerosene lamps like these.

    1. Ok..thanks also..Indeed, this lamps create a significant in the older times!

  2. We still have a few of these lamps from older times , well kept and cared for and used now and then, when the power goes out from big storm . Your lamps are very beautiful with their history also. Thank you for your visit to my place in Atlantic Canada :)

  3. Hai... cutella,

    nice entry .. mselim3 like u entry.. sweet memory for me.. traditional oil lamp.. not to much u can buy at shop.. orait or not?..


    pls: sorry not visit here.. because i am buzy... i hope u don't care.. nice visit here... i hope friendship forever..k