Tuesday, November 18, 2014

About The Tiny Deer

Another collection that I got, this tiny deer key holder that been given by a certain friend of ours. This souvenir of mine came from Sweden. Actually, it’s a wedding souvenir from our friend’s closest friend as that friend of them got married to someone from that country. Since, our friend got lots of tiny deer souvenir in their home so this friend of ours shared this tiny souvenir to me. Time came that I also got a chance to meet in person their friend while attending an important gathering. Though, this tiny souvenir of mine didn’t anymore appear as what originally been given but still tried to preserved its good condition and saving the memories or stories that hold in this tiny deer.     

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Contest For LGG3PH


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2. Participants can send their entries on July 1, 2014. Entries before and after this period will be considered as invalid.
3. A participant can send more than 1 entry with different answers to increase chances of winning.
4. The entry will be picked at random by random.org
5. The winner of the promo will be announced on July 3 through the LG Mobile Philippines Facebook page www.facebook.com/LGOptimusPH and Twitter & Instagram account @LGPhilippines.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Incredible Work Of Art

Just the other day, I take some time to buy this exceptional little flower vase in the nearby ceramics store. I’m really amazed on how this little clay flower vase been made and to the rest of clay products. Clay molded products are safe to use and last for several years. In the past and until now, our place still remain as one of the clay molder in Philippines. Anyways, I’m just glad that once again I’ve bought another clay product from our neighborhood. This incredible collection of mine reminds me the abundance that nature’s offer to mankind and the creative art works of my neighborhood clay molders. Anyways, buying this incredible treasure of our place is really worthwhile. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hand-made Bracelet

Last weekend, I went to Camiguin Island together with my co-workers for our summer company outing. We visited some tourist spots in this island that includes:

Catarman Church Ruins (Gui-obchurch)
• Cross Marker And Sunken Cemetery
Philvolcs Observatory Station
Katibawasan Falls
• Ardent Hot Spring
• White Island
• Sto. NiƱo Cold Spring

Touring around Camiguin Island offers an opportunity for us not just to relax but also to experience and witness the beautiful aspects that this island offers to their guests. This hand-made bracelet with my printed that been given to me not just serve as a souvenir but also a remembrance that reminds our bonding in Camiguin Island.  

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Beloved Alma Mater

This souvenir visibly highlighted of our school Xavier University 
(Ateneo De Cagayan). When still a student, me and my brother studied in this school especially in college years. Looking up this souvenir clear image of our school just remind me of the good times that I got in those years. These school make a lot of history to us that last from generation to come...This souvenir continually remind us to cherish our beloved Alma Mater.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Abaniko Fan

         Abaniko refers to a certain handy fan originated in the Philippines. During the Spanish era, this abaniko fans usually use and paired with baro't saya as the lady's attire. In this modern times, the use of abaniko fans in the Philippines remains and to some countries. As being a Filipino, I also treasure this abaniko fan as part of our national heritage. Sometimes, I use this abaniko fan during severe sunny season and naturally ease-up from the sun's heat.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baguio Hat



         Baguio City become one of the tourist destination here in the Philippines. Several years past, my aunt have their vacation in Baguio City together with her colleague. She bought various goodies and souvenirs as present to her relatives or friends. When my mom went back to her hometown, she receive this souvenir hat from Baguio City as one of the souvenirs that my Aunt brought. Now, this Baguio City hat become one of our collection that we treasured. Below are some of recommended areas to visit in Baguio City and tremendously experience an amazing adventure. 

  • Burnham Park
  • Baguio Cathedral
  • Session Road
  • Camp John Hay
  • The Mansion
  • Wright Park
  • Mines View Park
  • Baguio Botanical Garden
  • Philippine Military Academy
  • Kennon Road
  • Mount Santo Tomas
  • Lourdes Grotto
  • Bell Church
  • Tam-awan Village
  • Asin Hot Springs
  • Wood Carver's Village
  • Easter Weaving Room
  • Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary
  • Balatoc Mines & Crosby Park
  • Strawberry Farm