Wednesday, September 14, 2022

My Personalized Wallet / Purse


             As I have lots of vacant time before, I usually allure myself to do lots of artistic things. These may include creating of something out from the things that I have seen in my home especially those were not only in use or consider as extra. Then, form an artistic creation out from it. One time, I decided to create a personalized wallet out from extra cloth and some net like materials found in my home. I manually sewed with the cloth that I gather, place some zipper, lock and some designs. Whoa!!!!!!!.. I have now my own personalized wallet!!!Ready to use as a purse or for bill money….

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Pen Souvenir From Singapore


          This cute pen souvenir from Singapore is another collection that I treasure. As you can see in this pen souvenir of mine, theirs a small carving hanging at the topmost portion of the pen like a lion known as Merlion. It's a mythical creature featuring a fish body with a lion's head mainly use for national personification and mascot in Singapore. Merlion Park is one of the major tourist destinations in Singapore situated in the Downtown Core District. Also, nearby the Central Business District. It's a Singapore landmark.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

A Toy Car Design Keychain

           As I plan to clean my room once again within this month, I found another keychain in my room. It's Surely, this would match for my bag and wallet. It's a toy car design keychain. I'm going to use this some other time. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

A Souvenir Wallet

        I got another interesting thing to share. A souvenir wallet from Tagaytay City, Philippines. Tagaytay is excellent any gateways, especially during summer season and holidays for both locals and foreigners. 

Below are the top 8 tourist destination that you must visit in Tagaytay City:

1. The Residence Inn Zoo 

    Take some time of seeing through the amazing creatures or animals that you could find at residence inn zoo. Surely, children would enjoy to interact these wonderful animals such as owls, parrot, python and etc. You could also enjoy riding the cable car, horseback riding, zip lining, and etc.

2. People’s Park In The Sky 

     Witness and taste the refreshing cool breeze of Tagaytay City. This well-known park permits you to view the entire wonders of Tagaytay City and beautiful scenery of Taal Lake. A great place to explore and do simple activities such as walking, hiking, do some exercise and etc.

3. Mouse Orlina 

    This museum is owned by the famous international Filipino glass sculptor Mr. Ramon Orlina. You can see lots of artwork made by different Filipino artists aside from his own work of art. It’s a 4-storey museum with 3 levels of exhibit area comprises of amphitheatre, roof deck and the sculpture garden. On the roof deck, you can view the amazing spots of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake.

4. Pink Sisters Chapel & Convent 

    The well-known chapel in Tagaytay simply managed by Sister-Servants Of The Holy Spirit Of Perpetual Adoration. It’s a place where you can find peace with God and experience his presence through solemnity. Nuns are known by their pink uniforms. If you have some prayer intention to offer, just drop them into the box and nuns will pray that in behalf of you.

5. Picnic Grove 

    Picnic Groove is a must visit place in Tagaytay where you can experience its panoramic view, especially to Taal Volcano or Lake along with your friends and families. You can also enjoy doing other fun activities that include horseback riding, zip line, and eco-trailing. Pasalubong and souvenir shops are also available at the Picnic Grove.

6. Puzzle Mansion 

       This ideal mansion holds the outmost number of a jigsaw puzzles that the world ever known under the Guinness Book Of World Record. With just a 100 peso bill, you can already view the different puzzles for approximately 1,028 that the mansion owner collected.

7. Sky Ranch Tagaytay

      Be amazed as you experience riding this “ Sky Eye” Ferris Wheel. Also, this amusement place offers various types of fun rides such as Express Train (just one time rides only), Mini Viking, Sky Cruiser, Super Vikings, Nessi Coaster, Flying Bus Jump Around, Wonder Flight, Longest Coaster (for a one time ride only), Carousel, and lots more to discover. See for yourself and have fun. Newly ride emerge known as Racing Car give you lots of reason to be at Sky Ranch. 

8. Paradise

   This fascinating zoo becomes a must visit place, especially if you have kids on-board going to Tagaytay. As you visit Paradizoo, you can see lots of extraordinary animals such as llamas, ostriches, and camels. Also, you have an opportunity to know more about different kinds of animals, insects, and plants as you visit Paradizoo.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Souvenir From Surigao

          Just the other day, I found another interesting souvenir from Surigao. A key chain souvenir been given to us by our neighbor while having a great time spending a holiday vacation together with my mom the other year. For those interested to visit Surigao, here are the top 10 highly recommended tourist spot to visit:

  1. Silop Multicaves
  2. Battle Of Strait Museum
  3. Mabua Pebble Beach
  4. Day Asan Floating Villages 
  5. Sagisi Island
  6. Buenavista Cave
  7. Lake Mainit
  8.  Songkoy Cold Spring
  9. Cathedral Of San Nicholas Tolentino
  10. Basul Island

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

My Friend's Wedding Giveaway

         Lately, I found my friend's wedding giveaway or souvenir. Last May 14, 2016; one of my closest friend got married to her long-term boyfriend, the love of her life. Seeing them together for several years and now ended to church altar taking their vows. They celebrated their wedding ceremony at San Lorenzo Ruiz Filipino Chinese Community Catholic Church. The wedding ceremony on the church were all set and well-prepared. 

        After the ceremony, balloons been released outside the church. Then, we went off to the reception area at Luxe Hotel, Limketkai Center. We have all the fun and the programs gave life throughout the night. Then, all those delicious delicacies or dishes that Luxe Hotel can offer to us. Indeed, it was a great and special day of celebration of my friend's love life. A new chapter of their love story also started but now as husband and wife. Wishing them all the best for their journey to marriage life.